Self-soothing Toolkits for Supporting Traumatised Children Programme.

Our Self-soothing Toolkits are an important part of our H.E.L.P- Four Stages for Supporting Traumatised Children Programme.

We assemble each toolkit individually, including various toys, sensory objects and tools which a child can use to help self-sooth and stimulate their senses when they are in distress. During the H.E.L.P training we teach participants how to use these tools and how to empower children to use their toolkits as healthy coping skills to deal with trauma and unpleasant feelings. 

Each toolkit also allows space for the child to include their own personal objects that help to calm them and bring them comfort. This is why it is ideal for each child to have their own toolkit, rather than to have children share a toolkit. 

Unfortunately many families cannot afford a toolkit so if you would like to sponsor a toolkit for a child in need, you can make a donation using the banking details below or via our Back-A Buddy link

Barach Ministries / HealingLeaves
Standard Bank
Account Number 421449594

The following images are examples of our latest self-soothing toolkits, the content and containers vary depending on the available options and are also personalised for each child’s needs.