Andre Dienie Kotze HealingLeaves Community Development

HealingLeaves was founded in 1997 by André and Dienie Kotze as a vehicle to support the most vulnerable people in their community of Cornelia in the Free State.

HealingLeaves has since grown into an organisation focused on Youth Development, Job Creation, Education, Entrepreneur Development and offering support to children affected by HIV/Aids. Over the years we have worked together with Government, NGO’s as well as national and international partners to support those in need.

Through our work in these areas, we recognised that a great need exists for community intervention programmes specifically focused on supporting children who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect. This has lead to the development of H.E.L.P – Four Stages for Supporting Traumatised Children.

The mission of HealingLeaves is to restore dignity to those who have experienced trauma, adversity, and shame, through community-based relational intervention programmes.

The HealingLeaves Team

Dienie Kotze HealingLeaves Community Development

Dienie Kotze

Dienie has a passion for helping those in need, and this inspired her to found HealingLeaves in 1997. She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur who forms part of the management team of a family-owned business, as well as a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and mentor who supports people in finding their identity and purpose.

Marthe Kotze HealingLeaves Supporting Traumatised Children

Marthé Kotze

Marthé has an honours degree in Journalism as well as a Masters Degree in Multidisciplinary Human Rights. She has experience in broadcast journalism as well as in programme management in the NGO and mental health sector. Marthé has been involved in HealingLeaves projects from a young age, and officially joined the team in 2019.