HealingLeaves focuses on community development, and we are involved in the following areas:

Projects for children who have suffered extreme trauma and neglect
We are passionate about supporting children who have suffered abuse, neglect and trauma. Our Royal Family Kids Camps, as well as our H.E.L.P Programme, are both aimed at helping traumatised children become healthy and empowered.

Job creation and skills development projects
Our needlework project trains and empowers local women, teaching them the skill of needlework and sowing, and providing them with an income. Currently, the project creates gloves, headbands and aprons that are used by skincare range Kalahari in salons across the nation and also Internationally. 

Providing financial support for promising young learners  
We have supported numerous talented young learners in chasing their dreams and being able to study further after completing grade 12. Based on their needs, students have been assisted with registration fees, course fees, or fees to cover essentials such as books and study materials.    

Community housing projects
We have been able to assist two underprivileged families in our community by building them their own homes. 

Clothing schemes 
We have yearly drives to provide school children with shoes and warm clothing to ensure that they stay safe and healthy during the cold winter months. Donations of clothing or material are always welcome and will enable us to assist more children. 

Food schemes for the elderly
We routinely collect and deliver food parcels to elderly members of the community who require assistance. Donations of non-perishable food are always welcome and will enable us to deliver food parcels on a more regular basis.  

Supporting ProVision – Romania 
HealingLeaves supports ProVision Romania, by taking a group of young people on a week retreat annually.