The H.E.L.P training programme is divided into 5 sessions, and each session lasts for around one and a half hours, depending on the number of questions and discussions that take place.

Session 1 –

  • About HealingLeaves
  • Short introduction into the history of trauma theory and how our understanding of trauma has progressed
  • What is trauma
  • Trauma responses
  • Dissociation

Session 2 –

  • Trauma and human rights  
  • Recognizing trauma
  • Understanding the trauma symptoms
  • Triggers
  • Relationships

Session 3 – 5

The course has been designed so that it can be presented in person, or through online sessions depending on individual need or preference. The course will ideally be presented over two days, thus allowing time for questions and discussions during the presentations as well as breaks in between sessions.

Contact us to learn more about our H.E.L.P training or to book a session.